Tuesday 19th June, 2018


This substantial hotel is easily accessed on Century Boulevarde. Driving in to the entrance area, the hotel main lobby greets you. A very spacious area, with hugely high ceilings, which go up past a mezzanine level. The concierge and bell desk is opposite the registration desk. Outside was a shuttle bus, which with other buses was running a shuttle service to and from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).

My booking had been rearranged, and after a short wait I was sent to the lift bank (there were 6 elevators), to the 10th floor and Room 1030. The wide hallways, the luxury decor, made for a good feel about the hotel. Room 1030 was nicely furnished with dark timber furniture, the famous 'Heavenly' bed (king), bedside tables, each with a drawer, lamps on top, and a lounge, which looked a cross between a first class aircraft seat, a lazy-boy, and a lounge. It was exceedingly comfortable. It faced a big screen TV, and bench with a mini-bar fridge, stocked with drinks and snacks. The wardrobe had mirror doors, and contained a slim, safe affixed to the wall, an iron, and ironing board. The room was a typical shape, and sized hotel room, with all the amentities you would expect of a Westin. I couldn't find the access point for high speed internet access, which was a feature of the hotel, according to the Web site. Alas there wasn't one. I telephoned downstairs, and was told high speed access was only available on the 11th and 12th floors.

I then checked the bathroom, it was spacious, with ample bench space, really good mirror and vanity, toilet of course, and a full size bath with shower. The shower worked perfectly, with a fully body of water, and quickly developed heat.

The TV had CNN, Fox News, Court TV, and a host of other local channels, one of which was screening movies. There didn't appear to be pay-per-view movies, which was unusual for an airport hotel.

One aspect that was troubling was the noise. Being about a mile from the airport, and looking on to a runway, the noise was quite loud of arriving and departing jets. When I checked in I was told I could access the Starwood Preferred Lounge on the 12th floor. This was a large lounge, similar to an aircraft lounge, with copies of the Wall Street Journal and USA Today available. There was water, and coffee, but nothing more. There were comfortable lounges, a fax machine, printer, computer, and internet access available.

The hotel was somewhat isolated from activitity. There was a Quality Hotel just down the road, a McDonalds, and combined Taco Bell/Pizza Hut. the other direction, a little further away but in walking distance (less than a mile) was the Hilton Hotel, and the Marriott Hotels. There was also a Travelodge inbetween, which was adjacent to a Dennys.

I went downstairs to the hotel restaurant, but it and the area spilling on to the lobby was being set for a conference luncheon. I was directed to a small room, which appeared to be an entrance hall to a larger conference or convention room. There were four tables set up, and 3 of them were occupied. I settled in with a paper, and after a while was given a menu. I ordered a lemonade and a Reuben sandwich. They arrived in reasonable time, and were well prresented, and the sandwich quite tasty, although not too hot. A couple of minutes later salt and paper, and a bottle of ketchup were placed on the table. A few minutes into the meal, a satchel containing the check was placedon the table, without asking whether I wanted anything else, which I didn't.

The stay otherwise was event free. The heavenly bed was fine, but a little over-rated I thought. With blankets, sheets and quilt, it was also a little too top-heavy, and a little uncomfortably hot. The shower, as indicated earlier was fine, and the 'heavenly' towels were much like any others. The guest amentities, shampoo, conditioner, and body creme were excellent.

The next day I checked out, all went smoothly, and I then boarded a shuttle for the short journey of a few minutes to the airport.


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